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Study in Saudi Arabia

Study abroad in Saudi Arabia for an eye-opening experience of a different culture! Boasting many of the Middle East’s top universities, Saudi Arabia has long been a draw for students all over the Arab world, and is now actively recruiting from further afield.

This hugely wealthy country boasts a highly developed infrastructure and a rapidly developing educational system, as government investment in education has increased greatly in recent years. Saudi universities’ strengths include oil and gas engineering as well as Islamic theology; in recent years, their science and technology courses have also undergone growth and development. The Saudi government provides free tuition for the majority of university courses, making Saudi Arabia an appealing study destination if you aim to study on a budget. You’ll also gain plenty of well-paid job opportunities after graduation, ensuring a bright professional future.

Although Saudi Arabia may seem jarringly different at first, its people are friendly and hospitable. Riyadh, the Saudi capital, is one of the world’s wealthiest cities, and most residents speak fluent English. Jeddah, another major city, is the country’s commercial center, with shopping districts and cafes and a distinctly more liberal outlook. The majority of leisure activities take place at night due to the hot climate, and you’ll discover a different kind of nightlife during your stay in Saudi Arabia.

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