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Study in Portugal

Study abroad in Portugal to discover its intriguing mix of old buildings and new ideas!

While Portugal has the lowest cost of living of any Western European country, it also has some of the highest tuition costs. If you can cope with that, a land of beauty awaits. Portugal’s laid-back lifestyle and its locals’ friendliness to foreigners will make you feel welcome, as will its warm Mediterranean climate.

Portugese universities focus on practice-oriented teaching and offer an abundance of research opportunities, providing a prime educational opportunity. Moreover, high tuition costs don’t extend to every walk of student life - discounts are available for students in restuarants and on the metro.

Portugal’s connections to Brazil and Africa contribute to its capital city Lisbon’s multicultural atmosphere. You’ll be drawn to its picturesque streets and its lively ambiance - Lisbon is an unmissable experience! Portugal’s beautiful coastline also contributes to its charms, as do its mountains and valleys. You’ll find no shortage of new adventures in Portugal’s varied landscape, making your Portugese study experience unforgettable!

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