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Study abroad in the Philippines to discover a warm, welcoming atmosphere and some of the best universities in Asia!

The Philippines' vibrant, outgoing culture is further enhanced by its past as a Spanish colony, as well as its fascinating mix of Islamic, Malay and American influences accumulated over time. Ancient Filipino traditions are preserved in festivals, celebrating historical practices such as folk dances.

Besides a rapidly growing economy, the Philippines also boasts a higher education system that is one of the best in Asia. Combine this with stunning beaches, accessibility and value for money, and it's easy to see why the Philippines is a popular study abroad destination.

English is one of the Philippines' official languages - many university courses are taught in English and most locals are fluent in English. Filipino locals are friendly and generous, and you'll also find a large international student community, easing your initial transition and making everyday life more accessible to you.

Manila, the Filipino capital, is known as the Pearl of the Orient for a reason - it's a thriving, colorful metropolis where the old meets the new. Manila's architecture spans a multitude of historical and cultural periods and you can see a wide range of architectural styles, from Art Deco to Baroque.

Studying in the Philippines is sure to be an enriching and eye-opening experience for you - don't miss out!

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