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Study in Norway

Study abroad in Norway to experience its standards of living, constantly ranked as the world’s highest and best! Norway is an increasingly popular study abroad destination, and you’ll find a diverse and multicultural community of international students during your stay in Norway.

Norwegian higher education combines high quality and low costs, as public universities offer free tuition at every stage from undergraduate to master’s. Universities offer a greater degree of academic freedom, allowing you to structure and organise your own studies. You’ll find an informal and relaxed atmosphere when you study at a Norwegian university, giving you a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Most university courses are taught in English, including over 200 master’s degrees, making Norwegian university life more accessible to you. 

Another factor contributing to Norway’s attractiveness as a study abroad destination is the offer of financial aid, which some international students are eligible to receive. While living costs in Norway can be high, you’ll also be able to find budget options that allow you to maintain the high standard of living Norway is famed for.

Travelling in Norway is convenient and efficient, as cities have bus and train systems. If you choose to study in the city of Trondheim, you can even take a bus to Sweden for shopping and entertainment, as Norway and Sweden share a border.

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