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Study abroad in the Netherlands to experience the rich cultural heritage of one of the world’s most developed countries! Frequently known as Holland, the Netherlands is a popular destination for international students due to its great student cities. Many universities use English as the language of instruction, making Dutch university courses more accessible to you.

English is also widely spoken in large Dutch cities such as Amsterdam and locals are known for their friendliness, making adjustment to life abroad much easier. The tolerance and openmindedness of Dutch culture will leave you with a good impression, and the multiculturalism of student cities means you’ll be able to form your own diverse network of connections. 

Dutch cities are a mixture of characterful history (seen in distinctive buldings which serve as historical landmarks) and constant innovation, which has cemented the Netherlands’ place as a center of modernisation and development. 

The relaxed lifestyle espoused in the Netherlands will come as a surprise to those used to rigorous high-stress educational environments, and this laid-back environment is sure to have a positive effect on your studies. On weekends, you can even take cheap trips to other European cities such as Paris and Cologne, expanding your opportunities for exploration and fun.

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