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Study in Liechtenstein

Study abroad in Liechtenstein to discover the unique quirks and eccentricities of the world’s sixth smallest country!

The only country located completely in the Alps, Liechtenstein is the adventurous student’s dream! You’ll be stunned by captivating Alpine scenery when you study in Liechtenstein, and you can explore the country’s delightful villages or enjoy popular sports such as skiing or snowboarding.

A Liechtensteinian event you can’t miss is the annual garden party hosted by the reigning Prince Hans Adam II, to which all residents of Liechtenstein are invited. Held in the garden of the Prince’s castle, it’s yet another feature of Liechtenstein’s unique and vibrant culture that’s sure to fascinate foreigners.

The standard of living in Liechtenstein is high due to the country’s impressively high GDP, while tuition fees and unemployment are low - an ideal combination for international students. While studying in Liechtenstein, you can also travel to neighbouring European countries such as Switzerland, thus expanding your opportunities for exploration.

Liechtenstein has more registered companies than it has inhabitants, a testament to its highly developed economy. It also has a strong export industry despite its small size, demonstrating its economic power.

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