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Study abroad in Kuwait to discover a growing country with a unique culture!

With its rich history, tolerant society and growing economy, Kuwait is an emerging regional hub for international education. Its universities are especially strong in business and work-related areas, with the Kuwaiti government encouraging students to accumulate practical skills.

Tuition fees for Kuwaiti universities have decreased significantly in the past decade, further enhancing Kuwait’s charms as a study abroad destination. Opportunities for women in higher education have increased in recent years, paving the way for larger amounts of international students.

Kuwait is a rapidly advancing country with one of the highest standards of living in the Middle East. Its role as a leading distributor has made it the world’s fifth richest country; its robust infrastructure and growing influence are sure to impress you.

Kuwait’s distinct cultural heritage will allow you to experience a different way of life during your stay in Kuwait, as well as giving you a chance to explore the vibrant history on display in its museums and UNESCO historical sites.

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