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Study abroad in India to experience a country of extremes, where old and new worlds collide! The world’s largest democracy and the origin country of four major religions, India is also home to the world’s largest university by enrollment. You’ll discover a country like no other, with awe-inspiring natural beauty and cutting edge technological advances existing side by side with ancient traditions.

India’s degree system is influenced by British universities - you can enroll in masters programs and doctorate programs as well as undergraduate programs. Indian universities are especially known for their engineering and technology programs, and the Indian Institutes of Technology offer top notch educations.

The growing popularity of India as a study destination is influenced by its low tuition fees and inexpensive living costs, which combine with India’s stunning cultural diversity to make studying in India an unforgettable positive experience. While in India, you can explore different regions and their colorful specialties through the Indian railway network, an affordable and safe method of travel.

No matter which city you choose to study in, India holds rich rewards for those ready to take the plunge.

Universities in India
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