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When you study abroad in France, you’ll benefit from its globally renowned education system as well as its dynamic and rich culture. France’s abundant cultural heritage has led to its reputation as a culture hub - it is known for its production of art, films, philosophy and literature, as well as its high class cuisine and wine. France has influenced European culture immensely, and studying in France will allow you to explore the land that produced such famous minds as author Victor Hugo, filmmaker Jean Luc Godard, and philosopher René Descartes.

If you choose to study in Paris, a global cultural capital that was recently declared the best city for students, you’ll have access to a plethora of academic resources as well as a chance to experience its vibrant nightlife. France is home to some of the world’s most prestigious business and engineering schools, and its culinary institutes are also internationally recognised. French universities also excel in the sciences, and they offer challenging but truly rewarding courses for those willing to dedicate themselves to scientific study.  

Education is of the utmost importance in French culture and you’ll get a world class education if you choose to study abroad at a French university, not to mention good employment opportunities if you choose to seek employment during or after your studies.

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