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Study in Finland

Studying abroad in Finland can sound too good to be true - the land of the northern lights offers tuition free of charge for international students, providing an excellent high class education system for all comers. 

Finland has the highest number of internet connections in the world, a testament to its innovation and sophistication. Technology is understandably a Finnish specialty, and other specialised fields of study include architecture and environmental science. There are two types of colleges in Finland: universities provide both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and focus more on research; polytechnic institutions focus more on real-world practice and training in various disciplines. 

You’ll find a feast for the eyes when you study in Finland - its capital city Helsinki contains several beautiful examples of neoclassical architecture, and the country is known for its excellence in all areas of design. Furthermore, Finland’s natural beauty is globally renowned. During your stay in Finland, you can explore places such as the Arctic Circle, the Evo forest areas, and the country’s numerous hiking trails. 

If you choose to study in Helsinki, you’ll enjoy its relatively mild climate and vibrant nightlife, as well as its many outstanding universities and polytechnics. Many Finnish cities are linked by waterway, adding a taste of adventure to any journey.

Ultimately, studying in Finland will allow you to experience a unique blend of tradition and modernity, as Finnish culture preserves ancient traditions while moving forward through constant innovation and development.

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