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Study abroad in Cuba to discover a country with a vibrant sense of national identity and a lively, joyful atmosphere!

Over 20,000 international students per year choose Cuba, many of them drawn by its top notch medical courses. Cuba is globally renowned for its focus on higher education, and its universities provide an excellent education for affordable prices. The Cuban government also provides universal free healthcare, yet another factor contributing to Cuba’s attractiveness as a study abroad destination. 

Cuba boasts a diverse cultural mix as a result of historical Spanish and African influences, and its colorful culture can be seen in its bustling capital city Havana. Havana’s historic city centre has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, and its numerous old forts and museums offer an opportunity to learn about its rich and characterful history. You can immerse yourself in modern Cuban culture in the exuberant nightlife found in its cities, or in its many music festivals - if you’re a jazz lover, you’ll find plenty of music to your taste. 

Set against a backdrop of revolutionary history and Caribbean heat, Cuba provides an intoxicating mix of liveliness and adventure - you won’t forget your stay there anytime soon!

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