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Study in Cardiff, UK

Study in Cardiff.

Read about what your life will be like when you study in Cardiff, along with detailed information about the city’s two universities.

Study in Cardiff

Cardiff is an elegant and lively city.  It is widely confident in the innovative modern architecture that fits into historic buildings.  Students can expect a very progressive and cosmopolitan atmosphere.  The city offers the excitement of living in a large city, along with quiet spots of peace and tranquility from the various parks and open areas.

Cardiff is Wales’ largest city and its capital. The city boasts over three hundred and thirty parks, as well as gardens that serve as open spaces.  There are also museums, venues and businesses that offer foods, drinks and other forms of entertainment needed.  Students in Cardiff will also be able to enjoy many different venues that offer sports facilities.  Welsh is a common second language in Cardiff, and residents are proud of their Welsh history. While you will not need to know any Welsh to study in Cardiff, learning a few words will no doubt win you a few smiles!!

History of Cardiff

Cardiff is a city with Roman roots, and was built around Cardiff Castle.  The castle has undergone different renovation projects to get it where it is now.  The city thrives due to Cardiff Bay and the development along the waterside that allows for easier trading.

Cardiff is a small capital but it has a lot going for it.  It is proud of its culture and history and this is reflected in how it takes steps to protect its own heritage.  The city has a huge museum which exhibits the city’s history.  You will be amazed to discover a largely European atmosphere in Cardiff, with pleasant cafe’s and walkways.

Entertainment in Cardiff

The city offers international recognized opera performances in its theaters.  There are dance performances, theater productions and concerts available at the city centers.  For those who love film, the city has venues that show film, both critical acclaim films and mainstream blockbusters.  There are dance and drama studios for those who want to train.  City maintains a national museum that houses exhibitions and other works that depict the city’s history.  There is a gallery as well that shows off the different pieces of culture connecting the people of Cardiff.  To promote the culture of academia, there is also city library that holds an extensive scale of books.

Cardiff has a huge range of different clubs, pubs and bar venues to let loose at the end of the day.  These establishments often have specials which can be great value for money.  As with most British cities, you can also enjoy a wide variety of international foods in Cardiff, and supermarkets are well stocked with ingredients from around the world.

Events in Cardiff

Sports and leisure activities are never far away from you in Cardiff,  The city hosts both local and international artists in different venues as they perform for their fans.  Cardiff offers live music performances in the various theaters or concert halls.  There are also opera performances and musicals produced locally or international tours.

The newly built Millennium Stadium holds different types of events and is a focal point of the city. The stadium hosts music and drama performances, as well as international football and rugby matches. The most popular sport in Cardiff, and Wales in general is rugby. If you want to see Welsh passion, buy tickets to a Wales vs England 6 Nations match at the Millennium Stadium.

Study in Cardiff

Cardiff is rich in the arts, there are historical buildings, cultural activities, museums and exhibit. The city plays host to annual food and drink festivals.  For those students looking to further their careers, there are business events organized by the city to facilitate networking and development.

Universities in Cardiff

If you would like to study in Cardiff, there are two universities you can consider, Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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