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Study in Birmingham.

Read about what your life will be like when you study in Birmingham, along with detailed information about the city’s four universities.

Study in Birmingham

This city’s motto is simply forward, which means the city has an innovative approach to everything.  The city epitomizes the feel of moving on, renewing itself and oneself as well as improvement.  It is shown in the modern way it has evolved from a historical manufacturing company, to a city filled with innovative industries.  These industries are tackling modern topics like graphic design, and computer-game programming.  The city holds on to its tradition and historic buildings, but also incorporates modern facilities for students, and residents alike.

Students living in Birmingham can explore the many historical attractions left behind by the thriving manufacturing economy of the past. Students can also participate in events created by locals in the area, including music, art, and festivals. In Birmingham, you will enjoy a myriad of activities, whilst also finding the tranquility of a small city.

History of Birmingham

Over one million people live in Birmingham.  The city has a strong history in the manufacturing industry.  In the eighteenth century, the city was known as having a thousand trades.  Factories dominated the city’s then economy, producing toys, and steel pen nibs as well as jewelry.  The original equipment is currently displayed in the city’s museum where visitors can see its historical and innovative values.

As its population grew quickly, Birmingham’s housing was initially built in quite a cramped fashion. The economic growth that came from this period, prompted the building of more middle-class homes. Birmingham suffered heavy damage during World War II, and afterwards residents were able to focus on rebuilding the city. Around this time, the manufacturing industry also transitions more toward motor vehicles.

The modern Birmingham has undergone many changes, with old factories turning into art spaces as well as nightclubs and other types of venues.

Entertainment in Birmingham

Birmingham has concert venues where there are free concerts offered to residents.  The music is an eclectic collection of jazz, folk, classical and other musical genres.  The city boasts an amphitheater in the square where musicians perform short concerts and residents can enjoy drama, poetic readings or engaging storytelling activities.

They are hundreds of restaurants available in this city.  It is a mash up of cultures and one can find any type of food they’re looking for.  The city also has a very wide range of nightlife activities.  These are in the form of bars, stylish bars with stunning drinks.  There are also hot nightclubs that offer a more upbeat, and hyped up nightclub life.  For those looking for a more vivacious night out, there are clubs available.  There are also the more intimate settings designed for live music bands or serious talks.  There is always entertainment in Birmingham city.

Events in Birmingham

The city hosts half-marathons through the course of the year.  Anyone may enroll into the marathon and find out how much they can run.  The city has its own share of festivals open to all.  Festivals attract different types of people as they are based on different interests like science, art, music and the food industry.  There are also events prepared to celebrate industries like design.

The city has historic buildings from its time as a manufacturing hub.  Museums have curated the city’s historical assets into the different museums.  Visitors and residence may join different tours that allow them to visit the museums with guides.  During special seasons like Halloween, Christmas and new years, the city comes alive with activities to celebrate the holidays.

The city has a strong performance culture, different acts travel into the city to present performances to the people of Birmingham.  These include comedians, drama, theatre productions and live music events.

Universities in Birmingham

Want to study in Birmingham? There are 4 universities you can consider:

Aston University

Birmingham City University

The University of Birmingham

University College Birmingham

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