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Study in Bristol.

Read about what your life will be like when you study in Bristol, along with detailed information about the city’s two universities.

Study in Bristol

Bristol is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city found in the Southwest of England.  The city has a thriving culture of arts, music and theatre.  It comes alive with festivals and events throughout the year.  It also gives you the chance to explore the surrounding scenery offered by the Cotswolds, Wales, Cornwall and Devon.  Staying in Bristol puts you two hours away from London.  The ambience of the city has that old world mixed in with the new feel.  Old historic buildings remodeled to fit in to the new world.  Breweries from the old days, turned into apartments, bars, and clubs.  The people are laid back, and fun loving. If you’re looking for a fun, laid back city then you should study in Bristol.

Getting around the city is easy.  There are two main-line railway stations.  You can access the M4 &M5 motorways easily.  Within the city, you may cycle or drive your car.  The city has an international airport that serves scheduled and chartered flights to the Caribbean, North Africa, New York and the continent.  .

History of Bristol

The city was found in 1,000 and was known then as Brycgstow.  By the twelfth century, the city had grown into an important port for the nation.  It handled trade from Ireland and had become a focal entry point.  The city developed to building a stone bridge that would connect to the surrounding areas, allowing the growth of the city.  By the fourteenth century, it was considered one of the largest medieval towns coming in after London, Norwich and York.  The city had also become a hub for shipbuilding.  Many people got jobs working at the docks, ships or building ships for shipping companies.  With increased economy, it became a centre for manufacturing companies as well.

During World War II, the city suffered a great deal.  A lot of damage was done to historic buildings, and the loss of people’s lives.  Most of the 1960s were spent rebuilding the city and restoring the damaged city center, docks and other historic buildings in the area.

Entertainment in Bristol

The city has it’s own pace of life, with many eateries offering a wide range of foods.  You can expect Michelin-rated dining in high-class restaurants to that delightfully refined rustic pub food that keeps you coming back.  There are passionate creative chefs, as well as dedicated fresh food producers in the area.

The nightclub life offers a diverse taste.  Expect the super nightclubs found along the harbor side, to the small, organic & intimate atmosphere types of club geared to a drink, talking and dancing.  These small bars and nightclubs are also, where you’ll find loads of live music.  Live music is part of Bristol, and you can walk into any small or large venue and find a band doing a live performance.

Despite the hilly nature of the terrain, a cyclist concourse draws thousands to cycle around the city.  There are over a dozen gyms available for use around the city for sports-based activities.

Events in Bristol

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The city of Bristol is a mystery; nothing is what it seems, as in the case of a former brewery now turned into a theater.  The city has a dozen or more venues to listen to music.  The largest hall is called Colston Hall.  In 2010, the PRS-for-Music named Bristol as the city that is most musical in the United Kingdom.  There are dozens of free festivals every month.  Food and drink inspired festivals.  Music and art festivals, fiestas, even movie inspired festivals.  There is always something to do in the weekend.

There is an exhibition space in Bristol that artists hire without charge that was once an Edwardian toilet.  Bristol has a vibrant art community, promoting exhibition pieces around the city, as well as the more liberal street art.  There are dozens of murals painted on walls on different streets.  A city nurtures and encourages a creative spirit through these exhibitions.

Universities in Bristol

Want to study in Bristol? There are two universities you can consider:

The University of Bristol

University of the West of England, Bristol

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