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Study in Boston, USA

Study in Boston.

Read about what your life will be like when you study in Boston, along with detailed information about the city’s 23 universities.

Study in Boston

Boston is an eclectic mosaic of culture.  Its rich American history gives it a unique place in the country.  The people are deeply loyal to their city.  They love baseball and have created a past time out of watching the city’s famous red sox team.  Boston is home to the first public library in the nation.  It is also home to the only place where you can sail a boat and pass under train that is running under highway with cars, while the cars drive under airplanes.  The city’s unique culture makes it an ideal place to live, eat, and play.

The people are welcoming.  Their uniqueness is that there are so many different cultures in Boston, that you feel right at home.  The city is full of colleges, and there is always marathons, art events, and festivals happening.  Getting to Boston is quite easy.  You can drive into Boston using major highways from the North, the south or the West.  Use the Train, the Amtrak has scheduled trains to Boston.  There is also a bus route into Boston.  The city has an airport as well, though it only takes in local flights and not international. Like what you hear? Maybe you should study in Boston!

History of Boston

Boston has a rich history, as it was the first place where a major university in North America was established.  Harvard University was established in Boston in the 1600s.  The city has the deepest tunnels running ninety feet below the earth.  Most of Boston is rented and not owned; around seventy percent of Boston residents rent their homes.  Boston is a culinary experience.  There are over eight hundred and fifty restaurants in the city, but fewer than forty restaurants sell fast food.  Boston’s history includes the Boston Tea Party. The people of Boston reenact this scene every year in December.  The Hancock tower in Boston is a building that boasts thirteen acres of glass.  The city has many museums that offer their visitors a chance to learn more about history admire artifacts and explore.  The museums are a result of the city’s major role in the nation’s development, including a fire fighters memorabilia museum.

Entertainment in Boston

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Boston is a great place for shopping.  There are original shops with histories that go back decades.  One can find silversmiths, specialized shops that are owned by families and jewelers who still do it the old way.  There is a lot of culture in Boston.  The baseball team is the town’s main past time.  Everyone watches the game, and if you live in Boston, you’ll definitely get a chance to visit the ballpark.  The stadium also does tours for those who are interested in seeing the deep history tied into the game.  The city also has a very successful football team.  Catch a football game during the season.

The city is a hot spot for those who love clubs.  The nightlife is very vibrant, people living here go to bars, and clubs open until late.  There are bars for all scenes.  If you want to go out, you won’t get bored in Boston.

Events in Boston

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The city is alive with events every month in the year.  There are exhibitions held every month by the numerous museums in the city.  Each museum celebrates the history of the city, and individuals may join tours of old libraries and galleries to learn more.  In the music scene, major artists in the nation and around the world make stops in the city.  Catch a performance by your favorite musician in one of the theatres, open stadiums or prestigious halls around the city.

The city comes alive with different types of festival events.  There are food festivals in the city.  Enjoy delicious culinary delights prepared by restaurant chefs and bakers around Boston.  There are street fairs that invite all residents on a street.  The city also runs parades to celebrate different occasions.  During the holidays, the city comes alive with holiday events and celebrations like Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s parades.

Universities in Boston

Want to study in Boston? There are 23 universities to choose from:

Simmons College

Suffolk University

Berklee College of Music

Boston Architectural College

Boston University

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The University of Massachusetts Boston

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Wheelock College

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Boston Conservatory

Lesley University

New England Conservatory of Music

Harvard University

Emmanuel College

Emerson College

Northeastern University

The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University

Cambridge College

Longy School of Music

Fisher College

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